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Microsoft Project Courier

Microsoft Courier was a secret project by Microsoft to challenge and compete with Apple in the mobile tablet market.

The innovative GUI design impressed us in a bunch of videos which we´ve seen on a lot of tech- and geek websites. The videos showed us an incredible easy way to use a stylus and touch functionality in a 7" dual screen tablet  - looking like a workbook. As Microsoft always said - the stylus is not dead - we were all very impressed of this innovative design and way to work with an tablet pc.

Atfer Microsoft VPs cancelled the courier project the reactions in the tech world were massive and dissappointment made it´s way.

With this petition we want to restart Microsoft activity in this project, because we all think that this device was - and still is the one and only player which can compete with Apple´s current iPad device.

The way of interacting and working was so incredible innovative, that this project must be pushed forward!


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